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Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Network Smart, Globe or Smart Mobile Prefix Number

Due to promos in unlimited call or/and text on mobile network Filipinos tend to wonder what mobile number are they calling or texting.

SMART 0907, 0908, 0909, 0910, 0912, 0918, 0919, 0920, 0921, 0928, 0929, 0930, 0938, 0939, 0946, 0947, 0948, 0949, 0989, 0998, 0999

GLOBE 0915, 0916, 0917, 0926,0927, 0935, 0936, 0937, 0994, 0996, 0997

SUN 0922, 0923, 0925, 0932,0933, 0934, 0942, 0943

Friday, June 12, 2015

3 Easy Ways to Get Cenomar in the Philippines

If your planning to get married in the Philippines, Cenomar is one of the requirements and advised to get it last since it must be recently issued (at least within six months valid from the date issued).

  1. If your busy to get it from the NSO office, you can get a copy online through  NSO helpline delivers nationwide and a copy of cenomar cost Php 450.00 inclusive of processing and delivery. For the updated price just visit FAQ on their site. Delivery is usually within 2-3 working days upon receipt of your payment.
  2. If you like a cheaper one you can also get it through any local DHL Branch cost about Php 315.00 for pick up at DHL branch. You can get after 7 working days. 
  3. Cheapest option to get it is through SM Service Centers. A copy cost Php 215.00 also for pick up and get it within a week. Type rest of the post here

Friday, June 5, 2015

How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Know why recession happens, it cycles,  And how can it affects our investment.  Know the factors that affect the stock market.  Understand how our economy works. A must watch for everyone planning to start investing in stocks or any business.  Click the link here.. HOW THE ECONOMIC MACHINE WORKS

Friday, April 24, 2015

GrabTaxi First Time Experience

Last week I was on the airport and about passed 10pm. I inquired a airport taxi service how much is the ride to Bacoor, Cavite and she showed me a fixed rate of Php2,100. So decided to try the GrabTaxi and after using the setting the destination and the metered fare was around Php600 so i confirmed the booking and the driver called me and explained me that the destination was to far and he asked me to give him an additional 200 to 300 hundred above the booked fare to cover-up the gas consumption, since he said that GrabTaxi office will question him regarding the large gas consumption, since my destination was Bacoor, Cavite. And since its rush hour and we've waiting for the GrabTaxi for 30 minutes. I agreed to the drivers offer. The driver was very chatty which i don't like. Since trying not to be rude I just chatted with him. After 30 to 45 minutes we arrive at our destination and the driver said its up to me how much additional I will give him. So I said to him just give me a change for P1,000 and he gave me P200 change. So I paid him around P600 quoted fare and plus P200 additional for gas total of P800. During morning when I tried to check my GrabTaxi app to review my trip last night, I was surprised that my booked trip was cancelled. So I called and GrabTaxi Support and asked out of curiosity why my booking was cancelled and also I asked why their drivers asking for additional gas on top of the metered fare. The support told me that under their "Driver's Code Conduct" drivers are not allowed to asked any additional payment beyond the metered fare and booking fee. GrabTaxi Support apologized and said they will investigate the report and will discipline their drivers. Overall GrabTaxi Service was Excellent, Fast Response and Safe Drive minus the dishonest drivers (he could just asked me for a plain tip and not make an excuse regarding gas consumption) and and also their drivers should were uniforms if not at least a polo shirt and long pants. The driver who attended me was wearing t-shirt and walking shorts and a rasta hat.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Educating the Filipino: What is Emergency Fund? Why do we need Emergency Fund?

The Minimum ideal allocation of your Emergency Fund should be equivalent to your 3 months Living Expenses or 3 months monthly income. Example an average Filipino is earning P12,000 in a month, he should have an emergency fund of 3 months x P12,000 = P36,000 To start to building your Emergency Fund, it is suggested to put the 10 percent of your monthly income to your fund. To continue our example 10 percent your income is P12,000 x 10% = P1,200. In doing the example you will complete your Emergency Fund P36,000 in 30 months or 2 1/2 years.

Monday, November 19, 2012

NBI, SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth in Cavite

Brought to you by:
ROBINSONS Lingkod Bayan Center



Monday to Friday 
10am to 5pm

Note:  NBI Clearance applicants starts to line before the mall opens in 3rd floor parking area entrance.  NBI Clearance is processed in less than an hour.  You NBI clearance will be released immediately if you have no HITS, if you have it will be released after 3-4 weeks.

Wednesday to Sunday
10am to 7pm

Monday to Friday 
10am to 5pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays
10am to 6pm

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kumita ng Pera Sa Internet (Earn Online Thru Neobux)

If you are a housewife  or house husband or estudadyante at mahilig ka mag-internet or facebook.. I-try mo magpamember dito sa NEOBUX para sa karagdagang kita... Hindi ito malaki or ikabubuhay ngunit mas ok na din kaysa sa wala... So what are you waiting for start your online career..

1.  Isang account lang and pwedeng ipa-register sa bawat household.
2.  Kailangan mo din ng PAYPAL.  Kung wala ka pa maaari na gamitin mo and email mo bilang paypay upang makaregister ka sa NEOBUX at saka na lang kumuha ng PAYPAL.  Para magregister sa PAYPAL  click  here

Ano pa ang hinihintay mo start mo.. Paregister ka na. sa NEOBUX.. click here.

ENGLISH Version:
If you are a housewife or house husband or student at like to go online a lot or facebook.  Try to register in NEOBUX for extra income.. The income is not that big and will not support or subtitute what you can earn in an employed job but its better than nothing.  So what are you waiting for start your online career..

1.  Only one account can be registered per household.
2.  You also need a PAYPAL account to register in NEOBUX.  If you still don't have PAYPAL you can use your email to register in NEOBUX and later register to PAYPAL.

So register now to NEOBUX.. click here.