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Thursday, December 31, 2009

BuxP added on ACTIVE PTC SITES List

At BuxP, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 5 to 45 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid up to $0.005 for each website you personally view and up to $0.0025 for each website your referrals view. Payment request can be made every day and are processed through Alertpay and PayPal.
The minimum payout is $7.99

For Advertisers
* Receive quality unique visitors to your webpage.
* Each visitor will browse your site for at least 30 seconds.
* Possibility to show your ad to specific countries.
* Possibility to show banner ads and text links.
* Low prices and other features in return for Quality Traffic!
* NEW: Cheaper (5 Seconds) and Longer (45 Seconds)

70Cents Splits Into 2 Projects

70Cents was a matrix site with PTC features. They decided to split the 2 projects to avoid confusion and offer better services. AdPTC is a pure PTC site, 7Dollars - pure matrix program. Members balances, referrals, advertisements, and everything else was saved! Now add these 2 sites to your bookmarks:

Once again: members don't have to re-register in these projects, just log in your account. We are sure, now it will be easier for you to work in these 2 independent projects. Happy earnings!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

70Cents added on ACTIVE PTC SITES List

At 70Cents you can earn good money by spending only $0.70. It is a new innovative risk-free matrix system.

You will receive money from your referrals (those who signed up under you) - $0.10 per each. Moreover, you'll receive the same money for each referral of your referrals: $0.10. The higher your matrix level is, the more referral earning levels you have.

You have to pay one time fee of $0.70 to purchase the 1st matrix level. After that you'll be able to earn money without any spending. The next levels can be bought via account balance or via real money.

Even if you don't have $0.70, you can earn it here. You'll be paid for clicking ads, brought to you by our advertisers (up to $0.005 per click). Advertisers can advertise their products and services from as low as $2 per 1000 visits!

There are 7 levels in this matrix. The highest level is the 7th. Just look at the picture to the right to see what your profits can be.

The minimum payout is only $1. We work with AlertPay, Liberty Reserve and SMS payments.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

paidtoclick added on ACTIVE PTC SITES List

Added paidtoclick on ACTIVE PTC SITES List located on sidebar.
# FREE Membership, Available worldwide
# Receive & View the Advertising that Interests You!
# Get Paid To Click & View Websites, Paid To Read Ads
# Paid To Read Emails, Paid to Signup, Get paid for everything you do online
# Free Click Exchange, Traffic exchange
# Get Paid to Refer Members & Advertisers
# Daily Contests with cash & credits prizes
# Lifetime bonuses according to personal earnings.
# 50% Referral Earnings, Low $0.02 PayPal, $1.00 AlertPay Payout

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

enBux added on GPTBANK ACTIVE SITES List

Added enBux on GPTBANK ACTIVE SITES List located on sidebar. Earn $0.01 per click and $0.005 referral click. 4 ads per day. $4.00 minimum payouts and has instant payments. Accepts Paypal and Alertpay. enBux is still on pre-launch.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Neobux Payment

Neobux paid me another instant cashout. I've been a member for almost a year and Neobux remains to be the number one in giving instant cashouts. My premium membership is ending next month.. I wonder if i will renew it. For those not yet member of Neobux.. You don't know what your missing.. Hurry up join now its not too late.. click here

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Added Nominimumbux on ACTIVE PTC SITES List located on sidebar. $0.01 per click and $0.005 per ref click. Up to 6 ads per day with $0 minimum payout but you need 300 clicks for first payout. Payment processors are Alertpay and Paypal. Hope this is not another scam it should run for about two months in order for you to achieve the first 300 click for your payout if it will maintain 6 ads per day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Joy-Click 6th Payment

Joy-Click got me my 6th payment. Exactly after 7 days I got another payment from Joy-Click. The site has almost no ads everyday but the good thing is that they are still sending out pending payouts. I also check the Joy-Click forums but there is no update yet on their status.. Hope they be back in normal operation soon.. Just keep on visiting their site for improvements..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pinoy Clicks added on ACTIVE PTC SITES List

Added Pinoy Clicks on ACTIVE PTC SITES List located on sidebar. This is similar to Joy Click. This is the second Filipino owned PTC site. I really don't remember but the first Filipino PTC site was PinoyBux.. Please correct me if i'm wrong.. I'm a patriotic individual that's why i'm supporting and believing this site.. Go Go Pinoy..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Joy-Click 5th Payment

Joy-Click got me my 5th payment. This just means that this site is really serious in paying their members. According to the Joy-Click Forum the admin said they are right in schedule. And hopefully all pending payouts will be finished by September 1 and soon they will be on track.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wordlinx Added on ACTIVE PTC SITES List

Added Wordlinx on ACTIVE PTC SITES List located on sidebar. Wordlinx had been paying since 2003. Earn $0.01 per click and $0.05 for every active referral (each referral must click several adverts) . Earn $0.50 for every referral that upgrades to paid membership (on 3 tiers!). Earn 5% for every referral click and 5% for every referral visitor purchase. Wordlinx has indefinite number of ads per day and also sends outs paid emails. $10.00 minimum payouts instantly and manually through Paypal.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Palmbux added on ACTIVE PTC SITES List

Added Palmbux on ACTIVE PTC SITES List located on sidebar. Earn $0.01 per click and $0.005 referral click. 4 ads per day. $2.00 minimum payouts and has instant payments. Accepts Paypal and Alertpay.

Quality Bux added on ACTIVE PTC SITES List

Added Quality Bux on ACTIVE PTC SITES List located on sidebar. Earn $0.01 per click and $0.005 referral click. 5 ads per day. $5.00 minimum payouts and has instant payments. Accepts Paypal and Alertpay. You can rent a minimum of 15 referrals for $4.50.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Companybux 1st Payment

Companybux got me my first payment through Paypal. Just surprised that Paypal deducted a payment fee of $0.34 that's why I received a net amount of $0.67 instead of the gross amount of $1.01. But i'm still glad that is a certified paying site.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jaysu moved to SCAM SITES List

I moved Jaysu ptc site to the SCAM SITES List since its already closed for no apparent reason only saying that the members of the Jaysu just left without any further notice.


ClixP - Exclusive Revenue Sharing Site
Hello guys, i'm adding CLIXP ptc site on GPTBANK ACTIVE SITES located on my sidebar. CLIXP is still on prelaunch, and here are the benefits you'll recieve if you will join CLIXP prelaunch..

- $ 0.05 sign-up bonus!
- Your account will be tagged as "Clixer" which will get you even more benefits when we launch CLIXP officially
- 200 direct referrals for standards in prelaunch mode (50 after official launch)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joy-Click 4th Payment had recently been on hold due to several problems. Right now they hold membership and referral orders and are just accepting pure advertising orders. The site is still open and accepting new members. After all pending payments are paid the site will be back to normal.
This my 4th payment from Joy-Click. What i like most about this site is its low payout. If you are not yet a member i suggest you signup now at and get referrals by posting ads on site like sulit. You can also post your links and banners through traffic-exchange sites like easyhits4u, ad-ventures4u, trekpay. Another way to increase your exposure is by posting through popular social sites like mylot, facebook, multiply and friendster.

  • Low $0.20 minimum payout
  • Paid To Click $0.003 - $0.005 per click
  • Paid To Read Emails
  • Paid To Read Ads
  • Paid To Sign Up
  • Free Click Exchange
  • 5% Referral Earnings
  • View my payment proofs..